Since 1988, the Bluegrass Indo-American Civic Society (BIACS) has awarded over $300,000 in scholarships to graduating high school seniors from Commonwealth of Kentucky. The BIACS Scholarship program started with a single $1000 scholarship in 1988 and has grown to 17 (seventeen) scholarships awarded in 2017.

The BIACS scholarship consists of a trophy and a cash award ($1,500 or $1,000) presented to deserving students at the Annual BIACS Awards Banquet conducted in Lexington, KY. Some of these scholarships are merit based while the others are need based. One scholarship is also awarded every other year to a graduate student from the University of Kentucky. The BIACS scholarship is an excellent opportunity for students to secure an additional source of funding for their education and to add to their portfolio of awards.

BIACS Patrons wishing to donate funds for a scholarship can initiate an annual or one-time scholarship of $1,500 or $1,000 (plus administrative costs. Donors can provide details on the criteria for the Scholarship to be awarded, which the BIACS Scholarship Committee will try its best to accommodate. There are two broad categories: Merit Based and Need Based. For further information please contact

2018 BIACS Scholarships Details

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BIACS Scholarship Information

2017 BIACS Scholarship Recipients:
  1. Mr. Aaron Kirtland, Gatton Academy of Mathematics and Science
  2. Mr. Kenneth Taylor Whitsell, Boyle County High School
  3. Ms. Madison Faith Smith, Belfry High School
  4. Ms. Priyanka Paul, University of Kentucky
  5. Ms. Hailey Nicole Chappell, Owen County High School
  6. Ms. McKenzie Gail Scott, Owen County High School
  7. Mr. Andre R. Faria, Paintsville High School
  8. Ms.Tress Anna Wigginton, Christian Educational Consortium
  9. Mr. Kevin Samuel Young, John Hardin High School
  10. Ms. Simran Khiani, duPont Manual High School
  11. Ms. Mary Marchaterre, Bryan Station High School
  12. Ms. Urvi A Patel, Madison Central High School
  13. Ms. Caitlyn Dixon, Bryan Station High School
  14. Ms. Autumn Chaney, Morgan County High School
  15. Ms. Leah Elizabeth McDonald, Muhlenberg County High School
  16. Ms. Ally June VanHook, Southwestern High School
  17. Mr. Justin Wayne Chance Eads, Conner high school

Past Recipients:

2016 BIACS Scholarship Recipients:
  1. Ms. Sanjana Rane, duPont Manual High School
  2. Ms. Margaret Foster, North Oldham High School
  3. Mr. Eric Zhang, Paul Laurence Dunbar High school
  4. Mr. Alexander Cash Spragens, Rockcastle County High School
  5. Ms. Julia Raimondi, Mercer County Senior High School
  6. Ms. Kaylee Horn, Madison Central High School
  7. Mr. Noah Thomas Ramsey, duPont Manual High School
  8. Mr. Akshaykumar Kalose, Lafayette Senior High School
  9. Ms. Caleigh Brianne Propes, McCracken County High School
  10. Mr. Connor Douglas Krolak, Paul Laurence Dunbar High School
  11. Ms. Alexis Nichole Morris, Oldham County High School
  12. Ms. Juanita Marie Bowen, Harrison County High School
  13. Ms. Racheal Dakota Collins, Prestonsburg High School
  14. Mr. Stephen Zapata Ramirez, Boone County High School
  15. Ms. Kayla Marie Thomas, Russell County High School
  16. Ms. Haley Nicole Rigsby, duPont Manual High School
  17. Mr. Jared Tate Greene, Prestonsburg High School

2015 BIACS Scholarship Recipients:
  1. Mr. Sahil Nair, Paul Laurence Dunbar High School
  2. Mr. Nathan John Vranicar, Lafayette Senior High School
  3. Ms. Sarah Jeoung, Paul Laurence Dunbar High School
  4. Ms. Anna Jeanne Farmer Mayo, Gatton Academy
  5. Mr. Yue Zhang, duPont Manual High School
  6. Ms. Skylar Dawn Hoskins, North Laurel High School
  7. Ms. Victoria Nicole Carter, Mercer County Senior High School
  8. Ms. Halie Rice, Montgomery County High School
  9. Mr. Gregory Dalton Hopper, Johnson Central High School
  10. Ms. Angel Thornsbury, Prestonsburg High School
  11. Mr. Alex Benjamin Tackett, South Floyd High School
  12. Ms. Jennifer Harney, Henry County High School
  13. Ms. Faith Elizabeth Haley, Christian Fellowship School
  14. Mr. Alex Christopher Simpson, Randall K. Cooper High School
  15. Mr. Rajasimha Narasimha, Henry Clay High School
  16. Ms. Siddhi Suhas Desai, University of Kentucky

2014 BIACS Scholarship Recipients:
  1. Mr. Bharat Krishna Ammisetty, Pikevillle High School
  2. Ms. Jiahui Hu, DuPont Manual Magnet High School
  3. Mr. David Vaughn Pierce, Clinton County High School
  4. Ms. Hellary Yu Zhang, Dupont Manual High School
  5. Mr. Dylan Blake Baldridge, Prestonsburg High School
  6. Ms. Alexis Leigh-Ann Croft, Logan County High School
  7. Ms. Smruti Dattatraya Patil, Lafayette High School
  8. Ms. Cassandra Geneva Almasri, Paul Laurence Dunbar High School
  9. Ms. Joslyn Deeann Isaac, South Floyd High School
  10. Ms. Erica Lindsey Fields, Southwestern High School
  11. Ms. Tara Virginia Eling, Montgomery County High School
  12. Mr. John Tyler Henderson, Boyle County High School
  13. Ms. Lauren Michelle Eastman, Western Hill High School
  14. Mr. Zachary Austin Bailey, Prestonsburg High School
  15. Mr. Ryan James Melton, North Laurel High School
  16. Ms. Ashley Brooke Crager, Allen Central High School
  17. Ms. Mahala Amber Watts, South Lavrel High School
  18. Ms. Shelby Savannah Maldonado, Russell County High School
  19. Ms. Heather Nicole Keeton, Morgan County High School
  20. Mr. Srivenu Seelam, University of Kentucky

2013 BIACS Scholarship Recipients:

  1. Leia Wedlund, Paul Lawrence Dunbar High School
  2. Sravya Vishnubhatla, DuPont Manual High School
  3. Joshua L. Wood, Muhlenberg County High School
  4. Jessie Y. Li, Paul Lawrence Dunbar High School
  5. Felicia K. Perkins, Owen County High School
  6. Courtney L. Wright, Casey County High School
  7. Victoria L. Potter, Paducah Tilgman High School
  8. Shelli P. Cierra Hurt, Clay County High School
  9. LaTracia S. Burchett, Betsy Layne High School
  10. Kasey J. Collins, Allen Central High School
  11. Brent A. Richey, Logan County High School
  12. Kaitlyn M. Jordan, North Hardin High School
  13. Lacy E. Walker, Christian County High School
  14. Tiffany M. Hudson, Breathitt High School
  15. Ravinder K. Garlapalli, University of Kentucky

2012 BIACS Scholarship Recipients:

  1. Ivy Cheng, University of Kentucky
  2. Maria Wu, Paul Lawrence Dunbar High School
  3. Nadine F. Almasari, Paul Lawrence Dunbar High School
  4. Christopher Allen, DuPont Manual Youth Performing Arts School
  5. Ankush Gupta, DuPont Manual High School
  6. Tiffany M.  Hughes, South Laurel High School
  7. Gabrialla Pugh, Phelps High School
  8. Seham Aldabbagh, Paul Lawrence Dunbar High School
  9. Meha A. Joshi, Henry Clay High School
  10. Swati Gutti, The Piarist School
  11. Emily L. Stromberg, Henry Clay High School
  12. Orsolya R. Heggi, Paul Lawrence Dunbar High School
  13. McKenziew Young, Logan County High School
  14. Chintan M. Suthar, Paul Lawrence Dunbar High School
  15. Amrita M. Srinivasan, Mason County High School 

2011 BIACS Scholarship Recipients:

  1. Danielle Palmer, University of Kentucky
  2. Shray Kapoor, duPont Manual High School
  3. Savannah Tate, Russell High School
  4. Laramie James Scott, Clinton County High School
  5. Yixin Li, Ballard High School
  6. Jenna Mae Rufer, Madison Southern High School
  7. Lauren Taylor Mullins, AllenCentral High School
  8. Sydney Nicole Branam, Menifee County High School
  9. Caroline Paige Sabharwal, Sayre High School
  10. Megan Lynn Clark, Montgomery County High School
  11. Yihua Li, Ballard High School
  12. Rebecca JoAnne Knauss, Lloyd Memorial High School
  13. Austin Wade Smock, Logan County High School

2010 BIACS Scholarship Recipients:

  1. Tyler W. Fitzpatrick
  2. Adam F. Knecht
  3. Martha M. Carwile
  4. Anna E. Stepp
  5. Cody G. Mccoy
  6. John Cybriwsky
  7. Casey D. Newsome
  8. Keyana Boka
  9. John Cybriwsky
  10. Dhiyanan Jayamohan
  11. Grace J. Tsai
  12. Alice L. Driver