The Bluegrass Indo-American Civic Society (BIACS) is a Kentucky registered not for profit organization (Tax ID 61-1145155). Founded in 1988, BIACS provides people of Indian heritage and other interested members a platform to engage in civic and charitable activities in the Bluegrass Region. Consistent with its charter, over the years, BIACS has spearheaded or participated in a variety of social, educational, cultural, charitable and civic activities within the Bluegrass Region.

Two marquee events that the society has spearheaded since its inception are a scholarship awards banquet and a free health fair. At the awards banquet, BIACS awards cash scholarships to college bound high school graduates of many different ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds from throughout the state of Kentucky. These scholarships are possible because of generous support from BIACS members and Toyota Motor Manufacturing of Kentucky. Guests of honor and speakers at these awards banquets have ranged from past presidents, leaders of industry, New York Times Best Selling authors, federal judges, ambassadors to other nations, mayors, and other accomplished members of the community. The annual BIACS health fair is free and open to all. The event, organized with support of the local government sponsored health board and volunteer physicians, provides checkups, basic screenings and consultations from physicians including internists, cardiologists, pediatricians, dentists, pulmonologists, and allergists.

In addition to these signature events, the society also participates in other civic activities such as volunteering at food banks, cultural showcases at events of local interest, and raising funds to assist those affected by natural disasters such as earthquakes and flooding within the state, the nation and beyond.

The executive committee of the BIACS, comprising of a President, President-Elect, Secretary, and Treasurer are assisted by councilors in managing the activities of the society. Every individual on the executive committee and the council volunteer their time for activities related to BIACS. The executive board serves a one year term, while the councilors serve for two years. A nomination and election process is used to select the executive board and councilors at the annual board meeting of the BIACS.

In order to foster civic engagement among the next generation of Americans of Indian heritage, a youth board works closely with the BIACS board, and often provides volunteers for the activities of the society. The youth board members are also elected.

Membership to the society involves an application and payment of nominal dues and is not restricted to those of Indian heritage.

We welcome you to our website, and encourage you to browse through its contents to learn more about us and what we do.


President: Hemant Gandhi

Hemant is the treasurer of Alltech, Inc in Nicholasville. Prior to joining Alltech Hemant has held various global treasury roles for over 20 years aross financial services, automotive, telecom and information technology industry sectors.

Secretary: Meghana Munnolimath

Meghana moved to Lexington, KY from Melbourne, Australia in 2015. In Australia Meghana worked with ANZ Banking Group in various service roles for 15 years before choosing a career in real estate when she moved to Lexington and is currently a licensed real estate agent in Kentucky. Meghana has two kids in college and she is passionate about helping students in their educational pursuits and being involved in the community promoting Indian culture.

Treasurer: Vasundhara Bhasker

Vasundhara is a software solutions architect and a certified public accountant. She and her family have lived in Lexington for close to 20 years. Over these years she has been actively engaged in various environmental and community initiatives including several headed by BIACS. She is an artist at heart and is a wonderfully talented bharatnatyam dancer.

Past President: Sharmila Shankar

Sharmila Shankar has lived in Kentucky since 1992. She was the clinic administrator for Gastro. Assoc from 1995-2020. She served several years on the Site Base Council in Hazard Elementary and Hazard Middle School and coached the Hazard Middle School Speech team. In 2013, her family moved to Lexington. Having lived in eastern KY, she has seen first hand the importance of scholarships in encouraging students to further their post secondary education.

President-Elect: Jaya Pampati

Jaya is a resident of Hazard, KY for the past three decades and is a Rheumatologist serving southeastern Kentucky. Jaya has three children who went to local public schools where she has served on the Site based decision making council for several years. She is also a voluntary faculty for the Appalachian Regional Healthcare Internal medicine Residency program and has served for several years as the Director for Continuing Medical Education for Area Health Education Center in Hazard.

Councillor: Carol Jordan

Carol has been the Tutoring director at the Carnegie center since 2011. Before joining the Carnegie center, Carol worked as a non formal teacher in environmental education. She serves on the board of the Guatemalan educational outreach which supports an English immersion school in Guatemala.

Councillor: Cindi Robichaux

Ms. Robichaux has lived in Lexington since 1980, completing her graduate education at Eastern Kentucky University in Clinical Psychology and The University of Kentucky in Social Work. She worked in community mental health for 20 years and currently leads a Primary Care multidisciplinary Behavioral Health team. Informed by her background in theater and dance, she volunteers with community organizations focused on performing arts, promoting social justice, resources for aging populations and LGBTQ healthcare.


Shobana Venkatesan

Mrs. Venkatesan moved to Lexington, KY from Ottawa, Canada, in 2011. She holds a Masters and an M.Phil degree in Life Sciences. She started her professional career as a Professor of Biochemistry at K. K. College of Pharmacy in Chennai TN India. Later, she was a Product Executive at Sresan Pharmaceuticals, Chennai & Bangalore, India. After emigrating to Canada, Mrs. Venkatesan Worked at Statistics Canada in Gatineau, ON. For the past three years she has volunteered as a BIACS Councillor and has helped choreograph dances for BIACS and BTCC in Lexington.


Youth Co-Presidents: Daksha Pillai and Jaya Murthy
Councilors: Chakrapani Gulavalleti, Daksha Pillai, Sanat Dharwad, Dhruv Upreti, Jaya Murty, Kayal Senthil, Muhil Senthil, Jessica Mukhopadyay, Neel Kachroo, Pranav Kuna, Sanjna Raj, Siddharath Sundar, Tara Bose, Vibha Bhaskar, Vijaykumar Karthikeyan



Vibah Bhaskar
Vijaykumar Kathikeyan
Tara Bose
Kayal Senthil
Jaya Murty
Dhruv Upreti
Daksha Pillai
Neel Kachroo


Vibah Bhaskar
Vijaykumar Kathikeyan
Sanjna Raj
Tara Bose
Chakrapani Gulavalleti
Pranav Kuna
Jessica Mukhopadyay


Chakrapani Gulavalleti
Daksha Pillai