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The Bluegrass Indo-American Civic Society (BIACS) Is a registered not for profit organization (Tax ID 61-1145155). Founded In 1988, it Is a civic and charitable organization comprising Kentucky Residents of Indo-American heritage and others interested In the Indo-American culture.

The executive board comprises of the President, President-Elect, Secretary, Treasurer and Past-President. In addition, several councilors assist the board members in managing the activities of the society. The President of the board members serves an annual term, while the Secretary, Treasurer and councilors serve bi-annual terms. A nomination and election process are used to elect board members and councilors at the annual board meeting. A youth board comprising of middle and high school students (13 yrs. and up), also work closely with the executive board. Youth board leaders are elected through an open process by the governing Board. The BIACS youth board is actively engaged in civic and volunteer activities year-round. We welcome all interested youth of Indian origin to our society.


Provide an avenue for people of Indo-American heritage to positively engage with communities in the Bluegrass Region, create opportunities for Indian Americans to serve the communities they live in via civic and charitable activities and to increase awareness of the rich Indian culture within the Bluegrass region.


Build empathetic, accepting, and engaged communities by educating the youth, being of service, and generating enthusiasm and acceptance for the South-Asian Indian culture.


Membership in the Bluegrass Indo-American Civic Society is open to any person residing in Kentucky who is committed to civic engagement and is interested in the Indian culture. Membership is available through a written application and payment of nominal dues and is not restricted to those of Indian heritage.


Consistent with its charter, BIACS has spearheaded a variety of social, educational, cultural, charitable, and civic activities in the Bluegrass region. Some examples are listed below.


Annual educational scholarships awarded to college-bound graduating high school seniors. Scholarships are open to all Kentucky students irrespective of gender, race, and ethnicity. These scholarships are possible because of generous support of BIACS members and local corporations such as Toyota Motor Manufacturing of Kentucky.


Annual banquet to raise funds for the scholarships as well as to honor the recipients and donors. We typically invite notable dignitaries as guests of honor and keynote speakers at the annual banquet. Examples include, past presidents, university leaders, industry leaders, best-selling authors, federal judges, politicians, etc.


Cultural activities (including an annual “India Day” fall event) to increase awareness of and showcase the India culture.


Civic activities in and around the Lexington area.


Youth members activities that align with the overall mission of the society.


Free health clinics in the Lexington area. These are, organized with support of the local government sponsored health board and volunteer physicians. We provide checkups, basic screenings and consultations from physicians including internists, cardiologists, pediatricians, pulmonologists, allergists, dentists, etc.

President Note

Dr Rajni Vaish President BIACS 2024

I am honored and thrilled to address you as President of BIACS. It is with great enthusiasm and a deep sense of responsibility that I step into this role, knowing the incredible impact our organization has had over the years in promoting education, increasing civic activities in the form of charitable work, and celebrating the unique tapestry of art and culture that defines our heritage. I extend my gratitude to our sponsors and donors who make these educational and cultural endeavors possible. Your scholarship support not only eases the financial burden on recipients but your belief in the transformative power of education aligns seamlessly with our mission.

I invite parents, mentors, and all members of BIACS to join me in empowering our youth. Your guidance and support are integral to create an inclusive and supportive community where every young member feels valued and encouraged to explore their full potential with a sense of belongingness.

Let us come together to embrace the beauty of Indian culture, uphold its values, and create a space where diversity is celebrated and cherished. Thank you for your continued support, and I am excited about the incredible journey ahead