Dear Friends,
The Blue Grass Indo-American Civic Society (BIACS) is an organization of the people of Indo-American heritage residing in the Bluegrass Region of the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Created in 1988, BIACS provides a forum for cultural, educational, civic, charitable, and social activities among its members and other interested persons and groups in the Bluegrass Region. The major activities of the organization are:

  1. Awarding scholarships in support of education beyond high school. These scholarships are open to all Kentucky students and are both need and merit based. Since inception, over 200 scholarships have been distributed valued at over $200,000.
  2. Community service which includes; free medical and dental health fair, raising disaster relief funds, Fund-raising for local charities and volunteering opportunities for our members.
  3. Cultural activities which include an annual banquet to honor scholarship recipients, graduating students and promotion of Indian culture and the arts.
  4. Youth group activities that encourage and develop community service ethic in the youth of South Asian origin.
  5. India day to showcase food and culture from India.

The most significant challenge faced by BIACS are the sustainability of endowment scholarship fund and transforming itself to cater the needs of Blue Grass Indo-American society during the next 25 years. When the endowment scholarships were setup, the founders envisioned a minimum of 10% return on the fixed investments and proposed to use the return on the investment for awarding scholarships. However, the financial situation changed drastically during the past few years, and the returns on the fixed investment on the endowment funds gradually decreased to less than one percent. As a result, BIACS is facing a difficult task to come up with funds to award seven endowment scholarships annually. Recently, an agreement with the donors of the endowment scholarships has been reached. As a result, we will be awarding six of these scholarships once in two years.

Youth participation in BIACS activities increased dramatically and this year BIACS youth board consists of 20 volunteers eager to participate in community activities including helping God’s Pantry food bank and Lexington Community Radio. BIACS did very well in catering to the needs of Blue Grass Indo-American society during the past 29 years. Now, it is up to all of us to transform BIACS to serve Blue Grass Indo-American community during the next twenty five years. To kick start this process, BIACS board started India Day in 2013. Since then the attendance and activities at the India day have been on the rise. With your generous support, BIACS will be able to organize many more innovative activities that benefit Indo-Americans living in the Blue Grass Region. I request you all to get involved and do whatever you can; including becoming a member of BIACS, volunteering to serve on the BIACS board and helping out with your time and funds for successful execution of BIACS sponsored events conducted to enhance cultural, educational, civic, charitable, and social experiences of our community members.

Please mark your calendars for BIACS scholarships banquet on April 30th and India day on August 13th. We will send you more details on these and other events as more information becomes available. I request you to support these events by sponsoring a scholarship or a table during banquet and sponsoring India day. Please send me an Email at to get involved with BIACS.

Yours Sincerely,
Mrs.Rekha Palli
President, 2017 BIACS Board